Products portfolio
Business Strategy
Business philosophy :
Customers do not exist for IWIN, but IWIN exists for customers.
Ultimate Success of customer can only enable our business success, so to serve customer for it's success is the key strategy of IWIN Co., Ltd.
Business focus :
Serving customers with Semiconductor test sockets, COAX sockets, high performance spring probe pins, Pogo pins and connectors with one piece spring probe pins.
CEO profile
Texas Instruments Korea, Managing director / Plant manager.
Texas Instruments Global make manager, Test product Division.
Texas Instruments China, Changzhou firm, President.
IWIN Co. Ltd, President
Management Priorities
- Leading edge Innovated solution for high speed test.
- Best cost / Best quality / Best Lead time global support.
- Customer oriented management.
Company name and Logo
Meaning of company name : IWIN
    Establishers tried to find a word familiar to global citizens, Americans, Asian and citizens in all other global countries.
    The alphabet, I( i )
  • In English, self explanatory
  • In Chinese, has a meaning of Love
  • In Japan, has a meaning of Love
  • In Korea, has a meaning of Baby
The company name, IWIN, a meaning of "Love wins", The love is the final winner.
And, orienting, Integrity, Intelligence and Innovation.
Meaning of company logo
Customers IWIN is serving
USA, MEXICO,CANADA, CHINA Supply Worldwide 7 production Site 0.67mm Test Height socket 240 kinds of package Test socket qualified
Memory & LSI Package Camera Package & Wifi Package Module Test Socket 40um Vertical Probe Pin
High Frequency & High pin count Supply Worldwide production Site 20 kinds of package Test socket qualified
Status of Intellectual Property
Patents in Korea
- Filed 29 cases
- Registered 20 cases
International [PCT]
- Filed 5 cases
Patents in USA
- Filed 4 cases
- Registered 3 cases
Awards from international conference
  • 2012 BiTS & SWTW, High Volume Low Cost Spring Probe development (Best Presentation)
  • 2013 BiTS & SWTW, High Performance Spring Probe
  • 2014 BiTS & SWTW, Long Life Spring Probe Development
  • 2015 BiTS One piece pin and One piece socket for low cost and high performance solution
  • 2017 BiTS One Piece Spring Probe Low Cost Low Profile (Best Poster)
Automation Pin assembly and Quality control
Pin assembly Fully automated
  • Stamped piece parts attached to a reel fed into the assembly machine
  • Assembled pins can be attached to a reel, or, supply in separate for socket assembly.
Socket and Lid with Temperature control system
  • Lid with - Heating/Cooling/Heat sink/Fan/Thermocouple contacting die of CPU (by IWIN)
  • CPU Test Socket (by IWIN)
  • CPU and Mother board (by other)
  • Temperature Control box (by IWIN)
  • Temperature Display Thermocouple in contact with die area of CPU (by IWIN)
Up Socket CRES, Force, Stroke test
Low Data displayed
Up Socket CRES test
Low Data display 5903 pins socket