Spring Probes, Pogo, By Stamping
    250 kinds of spring probe pin , 300kinds of test socket (44,000 Pin count socket possible)
  • One piece spring probe
  • Three piece spring probe
  • High speed product → 0.63mm Length free length spring probe pin available
  • Finest Pitch → 0.15mm Pitch
Test Pin Comparison
    1. Current carrying
  • IWIN : over 4 Amp possible, touch down → stable
    2. Signal integrity
  • IWIN ; stable signal path / -1db@70GHz (in Production)
    3. Pitch
  • IWIN : 0.15mm (in Production)
    4. Stroke
  • IWIN : Long Stroke Possible (over 1.0mm)
    5. Lifetime
  • IWIN : Long life time
One piece spring probe pins (VARIOUS)
1. Selection of tip shape

  • 4 sharp tips

  • 2 round tips

  • cone tip

  • spear head
2. Selection of coll spring : A few manufacturing methods by stamping
3. Selection of body structure : Various considerable body shape
Low Profile / Low Cost Spring Probe
  • Material used C1720 BeCu
  • Spring force 10 grams
  • Stroke 0.38mm
  • Cres 38 milli-ohm
  • Current carrying 3 Amps
Planer figure for stamping
Fully assembled pin attached to the reel
  • Can control very tight dimensional tolerance
  • Crown shape, Spring force and spring diameter can be optional
  • Very productive/low cost method to make spring probe for good volume
One piece spring probes assembled to one piece socket body
Signal integrity at High test speed (-1db@78GHz insertion loss)
S Parameter-Insertion Loss HPSP28080F1-01
Pattern : Differential signaling
S Parameter-Return Loss HPSP28080F1-01
    Material selection
  • Contact: BeCu17200 1/2H
    15% IACS(σ=8.7X106 S/m)
  • Spring: SWP-H, σ=4.9X106 S/m
  • Housing: Ceramic PEEK
    Kyron 2204, Ɛᵣ= 3.5
Test Socket
Various kinds of Coax socket
Coax socket with isolation inserts
Partial coax sockets
Coax socket without any isolation insert
Ground pads embedded with ground pins
Differential signaling
Shall not have metal isolation wall between signal pins
Single ended signaling
Shall have metal Isolation wall (grounded wall) between signal pins
Partial coax socket
Coax socket with isolation coats for finer pitch
Serve various kinds of test socket, including CPU test sockets, semiconductor test socket, Burn in test socket, and interposal.
Test speed range All the way up to -1db@80Ghz, 160Gb/s
Pitch 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.65mm, 1.0mm and above
Test height 0.67mm and above
Pin count All the way up to 43,000pin counts, including CPU test socket pin count 5903pins
Package can be tested BGA, LGA, QFN, TSOP and other
Wire Probe
Part No. Material A B C D E F G H Color Force(g)
CT0002-21F ReW 0.043 0.052 20.00 2.00 15.00 3.00 F F Red 0.9@1.5
CT0002-21M ReW F R 0.9@0.15
CT0002-30F A3 F F 0.6@0.15
CT0003-21F ReW 0.050 0.065 20.00 0.20 16.80 3.00 F F Blue 1.9@0.20
CT0003-01M BeCu F R 0.9@0.20
CT0003-30F A3 F F 0.7@0.20
CT0004-11R W 0.070 0.090 30.00 2.00 25.00 3.00 R R Red 2.9@0.25
CT0004-11N W R S 2.9@0.25
CT0005-11R W 0.090 0.110 30.00 2.00 25.00 3.00 R R Red 8.0@0.25
CT0005-11N W R S 8.0@0.25
VPP Specification
CT0002 - XXX
  • Tip Configuration : F(F/F), R(R/R), M(F/R), N(R/S)
  • Plating : None(0), Au1µm / Ni1µm(1)
  • Material : BeCu(0), W(1), ReW(2), A3(3)
A3 (Paliney allay)
ReW (Rhenium Tungsten)
W (Tungsten)
BeCu (Copper bervlluium ally)
Burn-in Test Socket
Socket type Open top, Clam shell
Pitch 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.65mm, 1.0mm and above
Package can be tested BGA, LGA, QFN, TSOP and others
Manual Lid
Option to be specified
  • Thermo Couple
  • Fins(Heat sink)
  • Fan
  • Controller
  • TM Feedback Control